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The incident during #FreeArmenianPOWs protest in Moscow

Interview with Sergey Karnaukhov dated 06/08/2021.

Contrary to the trilateral statement of 10.11.2020, in which Russia acts as a guarantor, the only humanitarian clause of this statement is not being fulfilled - the release of all prisoners of war and hostages. On this issue, we cannot allow dirty political games and behind-the-scenes bargaining.

On May 27, 2021, a citizen of the Russian Federation was attacked in front of the Azerbaijani embassy, ​​who was standing in a solitary picket to draw attention to the importance of fulfilling the 8 (humanitarian) clause of the signed statement.

Rhetorical questions arise:

1. Is it possible to attack a person in the center of Moscow?

2. Why a criminal case was not initiated on the first day? After all, there were all grounds for initiating a criminal case, but for some reason, the law enforcement agencies did not do this.

What will happen next, the investigation will show, and then the court.

Impunity cannot continue indefinitely. This is not only a question of the Armenians of Russia but also a problem of Russia and the security of its citizens. The laws within the country should operate regardless of the nationality of citizens and political games between countries.

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