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Karnaukhov about the beating of an Armenian near the Azerbaijani Embassy in the Russian Federation

Updated: Jun 17, 2021

On May 27, during a rally near the Azerbaijani embassy in Moscow, demanding the release of Armenian prisoners of war, a scuffle took place between the Armenian Ashot Sargsyan and the Azerbaijanis, as a result of which Sargsyan was injured. Replacing each other, the participants stood in front of the Azerbaijani embassy with a poster "Freedom to all prisoners of war." It was during the speech of Ashot Sargsyan that a quarrel began, which turned into a fight.

The Azerbaijani provoked, he ordered us to leave, not to demand anything. Everything happened very quickly, after a few seconds the number of Azerbaijanis increased, then law enforcement officers approached. As a result of the accident, I was injured. My lower jaw is broken in 2 places. I was taken to the hospital. The operation was successful, the surgeon is our compatriot Ara Khandzratsyan, to whom I am very grateful.

Sargsyan said.

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